Smith-Warner: Players and fans have equal responsibility of respecting each other.

So, it had been 4-5 days that I didn’t speak a word about the #BallTemperingSaga when I finally decided to break my mouth yesterday on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, I took Smith-Warner’s side against the decision taken by Cricket Australia to ban the captain and vice-captain for … Continue reading Smith-Warner: Players and fans have equal responsibility of respecting each other.

“बुरा तो मानो, होली है तो क्या हुआ”

“बुरा न मानो होली है” बचपन में जब गांव में होली खेला करता था तो अक्सर इस कहावत को सुना करता था। कभी-कभी तो बुरा भी मान जाता था लेकिन जैसे जैसे समय बीतता गया मैं होली के असली मायने समझते गया। होली एक भाईचारे … Continue reading “बुरा तो मानो, होली है तो क्या हुआ”

Nothing should cross the limit.

I request you to read it carefully, very carefully, with full attention.
As per my experience during this short stay on this planet, I have encountered with two types of people in a group. Yes, I’m talking about the friends’ group. Every batch consists of the ones having a good sense of humour (name it group ‘A’) and the other having a little or not (say group ‘B’). It is extremely common in every friend circle that the former group dominates and tries to tease the latter one. And I think there is absolutely not wrong in this. Pranks are one of those good things that create a warm and gleeful environment in a society. But when it is too much of the pranks on a single person, it might affect the ones belonging to the group ‘B’ mentally as well as psychologically, backed by the fact that excess always holds an adverse effect. It may manufacture a sense of uneasiness among in the group. Friends who are always ready to do anything might lose the confidence of others.
So, the one thing which I wanna raise today is that when you try to do anything that crosses the limit it is absolutely not good in any circumstance. Everybody doesn’t have the same endurance power and mental robustness to face every situation easily, one must understand this. One must try to win the belief of other by any means. Yesterday in an education fair I attended, a lady told a very fine thing- “communication is the solution to everything. When you communicate, the gap which has been created automatically gets replenished.”

You need someone..

There are moments in your life when you feel alone.

Although you are surrounded by many of your near and dear ones but nobody really matters. Maybe you don’t matter for them. Your mind starts thinking as if they never cared for you. You don’t need just people around you. You need someone to talk you, not in the way they usually do. You need someone who really care you. You need someone to talk you about yourself. You need someone who scrutinize what you feel all the time. You need someone to make you calm down. You need someone who acts as drug at the time of depression. You need someone who make you feel no less than as you’re with your mom. You need someone…………….

But life runs this way….😨😧😫


‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ is vulgar and ‘Choli ke Peeche’ is so cultural.

​In the midst of the recent #RamjasRow when the whole nation is busy defining terms like Nationalism, Anti-nationalism & Freedom of expression, we didn’t notice that #LipstickUnderMyBurkha was banned by the CBFC. Many of you may or may not have noticed that this is also a violation of our fundamental rights. The movie was denied release in India stating it as highly lady-oriented. Sounds crazy, isn’t it? I know it can happen only in India. Sorry, Incredible india!!

We’ve seen in the past that films like #KyaKoolHaiHum3 & #GrandMasti series were passed by the same CBFC with A-certificate. Although I don’t have any problem with these films either but I’ve one point to mention here that if the Censor board thinks films like KKHH which has so many unparliamentary scenes(as defined by CBFC itself, not by me) can be shown to the Indian youth then why can’t Lipstic Under My Burkha be shown to the same youth. Which volcano will strike India when the film hits theatre? Will Himalaya fall down or will Indian Ocean will have the whole South India in it’s womb? What harm would it do to the Indian society? What is that in this film that Indian people should not watch? If this film reveal the orientation of sexuality in famales then what about those uncountable male sexuality oriented movies? Are we okay with the sexual desire in males and not in females? There are many such questions unanswered. 
I can’t understand the logic behind the censoring criteria of the CBFC. Do they have a definition for vulgarity? I think, no. They have absolutely no idea what to allow & what not to allow in the films. Our country is full of such stupidities. Last week or last to last week I was denied wine to be served in the bar just because I am below 25 years of age. I am 21. I can vote. I am mature enough to elect the leader of my country. I can drive, also. But I can’t take wine🍷. And how can I forget those dry states of India where nobody is allowed to take wine. Don’t know it is against the fundamental right of the people or not.