Odd-Even: Effective or Captivative

Last two days on Twitter have been irritating for me. While the capital is dying the two CMs- Arvind Kejriwal and Captain Amarinder Singh are playing word game on Twitter.


The stand of Capt. Amarinder is highly baffling. Can’t you do something in public interest without asking your Party high command? And the worst part is that when Mr. Kejriwal is seeking for time from Capt. Amarinder, he was playing politics. That, too openly. On this, one well known journalist Rahul Kanwal urged Capt. Amarinder to give time to Delhi CM so that they can discuss it together.

Now what my point is, although the conversations were related to the pollution concern but this is not the time to show the public that you are doing something in public interest rather it’s the time to act as quickly as possible. Also, these conversations which you’re doing here on Twitter could have been done on phone also. In fact telephonic conversation would have been better.
Some more questions which the governments need to answer.
What has the governments (Delhi as well as Centre) learnt after facing similar kind of pollution problem in last two years? What have they done to improve the public transport system of the city? What have they done other than the #OddEven to cope up with it? Or were they waiting for the pollution season to come so that they can impose #OddEven on Delhities. Was there any effective evidence of reduced pollution due to Odd-Even? Infact it didn’t.
Cars are a minimal cause to pollution in Delhi. Yes, I agree that It reduces congestion on road. And this is why I welcome this move but you can’t expect the public to welcome everything that you impose on them. The whole year you play politics-politics and suddenly you impose this half-baked rule on public without doing anything in this regard.
So what I feel is unless we have proper public transport, this is not a great idea.

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