You need someone..

There are moments in your life when you feel alone.

Although you are surrounded by many of your near and dear ones but nobody really matters. Maybe you don’t matter for them. Your mind starts thinking as if they never cared for you. You don’t need just people around you. You need someone to talk you, not in the way they usually do. You need someone who really care you. You need someone to talk you about yourself. You need someone who scrutinize what you feel all the time. You need someone to make you calm down. You need someone who acts as drug at the time of depression. You need someone who make you feel no less than as you’re with your mom. You need someone…………….

But life runs this way….😨😧😫


‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ is vulgar and ‘Choli ke Peeche’ is so cultural.

​In the midst of the recent #RamjasRow when the whole nation is busy defining terms like Nationalism, Anti-nationalism & Freedom of expression, we didn’t notice that #LipstickUnderMyBurkha was banned by the CBFC. Many of you may or may not have noticed that this is also a violation of our fundamental rights. The movie was denied release in India stating it as highly lady-oriented. Sounds crazy, isn’t it? I know it can happen only in India. Sorry, Incredible india!!

We’ve seen in the past that films like #KyaKoolHaiHum3 & #GrandMasti series were passed by the same CBFC with A-certificate. Although I don’t have any problem with these films either but I’ve one point to mention here that if the Censor board thinks films like KKHH which has so many unparliamentary scenes(as defined by CBFC itself, not by me) can be shown to the Indian youth then why can’t Lipstic Under My Burkha be shown to the same youth. Which volcano will strike India when the film hits theatre? Will Himalaya fall down or will Indian Ocean will have the whole South India in it’s womb? What harm would it do to the Indian society? What is that in this film that Indian people should not watch? If this film reveal the orientation of sexuality in famales then what about those uncountable male sexuality oriented movies? Are we okay with the sexual desire in males and not in females? There are many such questions unanswered. 
I can’t understand the logic behind the censoring criteria of the CBFC. Do they have a definition for vulgarity? I think, no. They have absolutely no idea what to allow & what not to allow in the films. Our country is full of such stupidities. Last week or last to last week I was denied wine to be served in the bar just because I am below 25 years of age. I am 21. I can vote. I am mature enough to elect the leader of my country. I can drive, also. But I can’t take wine🍷. And how can I forget those dry states of India where nobody is allowed to take wine. Don’t know it is against the fundamental right of the people or not.

Love-As she defined it. 

The other day, I was watching ‘Dil Se’, the SRK’s 1998 romantic hit. Inspired by the movie, I started sermonizing her the real meaning of love. In fact, I do so after watching every love-story.

“I didn’t understand anything. Say it with patience. Whatever you’re saying are just another of your stupidities.”

“I think you really need a psychiatrist to make sure you understand me.”, said I, wittingly.

“No one can understand your language.”

“Use translator. Maybe, then you would be able to understand what I’m saying.”

“Stop your nonsense talks. You’ve gonna mad.”

“Yes baby, I’ve gonna mad. I’ve become mad in your love. You made me mad, your beauty made me mad, your charm made me mad, your lips made me mad. Yes, I’m at the peak of insanity.”

“This is not the pure form of love. You don’t understand it and in fact, youuu c.c.can’t.t.t……..”, said she, irritatingly.

“No this is what love means and this is what love should be. You don’t have any idea of it.”

“Okay, now leave me. Keep yourself stuck with your stupid definition.”

“No, I won’t leave you. You have to agree with my point.”

“No, I won’t.”

“Yes, you have to. ”

“No, I wooon’ttt.”

“Yes, you have to.”

And then she returned towards me with her angry but seductive face, pushed me onto the sofa, positioned her right one of her sultry legs on it, bent towards me and started smooching my lips, angrily till they started bleeding.

“According to you, this is love. Isn’t it?”

“You liked me, sorry… you liked my lips and the way I used to walk in school, right!!  You flirted with me. You started talking me more than you used to and spending time with me and won my heart and one day you proposed me. After a few hours of yess-no-yes-no, I agreed to be your girlfriend, not lover, right!! Then we started meeting in secret places the best one of which was the Physics lab. Is this love, according to you?”

I was about to say something, then only she continued.

“We sleep together, with no raiments. You suck me, you lick my b****, I suck your P****. Is this not the definition of love in your dictionary?”

She returned to that position as she was while kissing me few minutes ago. Very close to me.

“Love is not, merely a word, rather it has the whole universe hidden in it’s womb. Love is very different to what we understand. There should not be any reason to love or to be loved, unlike what you think. And why this is so?  Because love is neither a question nor an answer which must have a reason or two to prove it. Love should also be unconditional. There should not be any condition to love or to be loved. Also, there should be no complaints, no demands, no sorry and none of any formalities in love. The word ‘Love’ is as sacred as the Ganges is. It is as deep as the Pacific is. It is as vast as the Universe is. It is as strong as the Diamond is.”

“Love is not Physics, it is literature. Love is not oxygen, it is air, which cannot come to end. Love is not heat, it is energy which can neither be created nor be destroyed. Love is not trees and mountains, it is the whole nature. Love is neither inside my bra nor inside our underpants, it is inside our hearts, it is inside our minds. There is nothing 100% pure in this universe but love.”

Finally she had a full stop to her monologue.

(Silence… and only silence…)

“I think, you missed one very important thing”, I broke the silence.

“What? “, she asked, rudely.

“Love is as beautiful as you.”

She came to me with a million dollar smile on her face and flopped onto her favorite place- my lap and folded herself in her favorite room-my arms.

After kissing me on my cheek she uttered, “Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart, I love you so much.”

That girl in spectacle.

“Which stream?” Asked the receptionist.

“English (Hons.)”

“2nd floor, Room no. 320”

And within a minute I was on the 2ndfloor.

“Could you please tell me the way to Room no. 320?”, I asked a girl.

“Go straight and then right, you’ll find it.”, she replied.

Suddenly I stopped for a moment after moving a step or two. Why? I didn’t know at that time.

Later I tried to find the reason but failed to do so. Maybe her voice made me to do so. Or Maybe her cute face. But I was not sure on either of these.

Next day when I reached college I didn’t find her in class. I searched for her in almost all the corners of the college. Why was I searching her? And again I had absolutely no answer to this question. It continued for a few days before she finally appears in the college campus.

I moved my feet ahead towards her but later I stopped. Why? Because i didn’t have a question to ask her like the other day. But I wanted to ask her something which I didn’t had any clue about. I tried to talk her for so many days but was unable to do so. I wanted her to be my friend. I wanted her to be with me. I wanted her to stay in front of me. All my curiosities doesn’t mean that there were no other girls in the college. Indeed, there were so many but I just wanted to talk her, the reason of which I didn’t have.

One day I changed my stance and decided to ask her name. I was fully ready to go to her and ask her her name but I found it awkward. In fact, anybody would have found this awkward. So, I dropped my foolish idea of mine, hundreds of times.

Later, during attendance in the class I knew her name and then I get relieved. For a day or two, I was happy to know her name but after few days again I started trying every arrow from my quiver, all of which failed miserably.

Why was i so curious to talk her? Even I didn’t have answer to this question, till now. What’s so special in her that other girls in the college didn’t have? I started finding it’s answer. Was her beauty the reason or her skin colour? Whether her dress mattered or her intelligence? None of them, I found, was the reason of my attraction towards her. So what was it?

It took me more than a month to find the absolute answer to the aforementioned question. It was her spectacle and her voice which created all those problems. She is absolutely stunning in spectacle and her very mellow sound pours beauty in it.


Mountainous output of a tiny input.

“You know what, you think yourself a preacher to the world. You think yourself the only theoretician in India. Can you not keep your bloody mouth shut? ”

“Rahul, you are absolutely not right in this regard. Why should we keep eyes on everybody’s dressings and culture? Can’t we live without thinking about these things? Can’t we imagine a world where there is no division based on religion, caste, race, and sex?”, said Vinod.

“India have never had this type of culture in the past so how can anybody like this. I mean, people should love those things which match with our culture. Keeping in mind the theory of country-first, we should not let these outside culture to prevail in India.”, Amrit uttered.

“Muslim dressings!!! Oh come on Manish!! You are just making yourself pro-Muslim. Don’t forget the fact that you are a Hindu. You’re born and raised in a Hindu family. Whatever you follow, whatever you dress and whomever you worship are based on the Hindu culture. It’s Lord Ram who has given you everything you have, not Allah.”, Suggested Bhagwandas.

“Either change your religion or Mata Rani pe bharosa rakho. Jai Shree Ram”, He added being furious.

“Islam is not something which you can follow. If you like these dressings, why don’t you dress these way? Do you want to know why am I telling you? You don’t wear this way because you don’t wanna be like terrorists. You don’t want to be identified as a terrorist. You’ll look like Laden if you wear this way. You feel insecure in this dress. In fact, you should be because Islam is synonymous to terrorism. So stop liking such things.”, Vikash Barked.

“Personally, I don’t have any problem with the way people dress, behave or act. It depends on the mentality of people. It also depends on their faithfulness towards their country, if we talk about the theory of country-first. The dressing and culture hardly matters. When we talk about personal freedom the imposition to wear any particular way violate this. So what I wanna focus on is not to judge people on their culture rather on their behaviour.” Concluded Rajnish.

I know you might have started thinking why so much fuss or why was so much kich-kich?

“I like the Muslim dresses.”

This was the only sentence I spoke before all those quarrels.