Happy Women’s Day! Why?

Because BCCI has decided to pay Virat Kohli INR 7 Crores and Mithali Raj 50 Lakhs per annum? Because world’s leading FEMALE wicket taker, Jhulan Goswami and leading FEMALE run scorer, Mithali Raj are together earning what Parthiv Patel is getting alone? Because in their last world cups, MALES were semi-finalists and FEMALES failed in the final? Because MS Dhoni plays for Indian Cricket team and Harmanpreet Kaur represents Indian WOMEN’s Cricket Team?

Didn’t find the reasons you’re looking for? No problems, look at these excuses, you might feel good.

Because women’s boundary lines are smaller than the men’s ones? Because Smriti Mandhana’s sixes drops just beyond the fence and Rohit Sharma’s on the 2nd tier? Because Women play less cricket than what men do? (No matters who decides their schedules.)

Happy Women’s day? Why?

Because hundreds of thousands of girls are raped every year? Because girls are supposed to accept the semen-filled balloons you throw on them? Because your sister is studying in a government school, while you are enjoying the charm of convent school? (Specially applicable to my Bihari friends.) Because you are ready to kill your sister’s partner but it is quite normal for you to have one, might be more? Because girls are expected to be under Burkha while you can move freely having no restriction? Because you can fuck her without her consent just because she is your wife in the name of lovemaking? There are endless ‘Becauses’ but I need to wind up before you start feeling bored.

So this #WomensDay, I boycott the BCCI and appeal for equal pay irrespective of the gender. I urge my friends, family including my brothers, uncles, father, etc. to keep a close eye on your surrounding and raise your voice if you find any discrimination in the name of gender. I also urge to my mother, sisters, sisters-in-law, girlfriend, lady friends including the whole 50% population across the globe to be strong and wish them a very cheerful Women’s Day.

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