Leicester City: A story of Underdog

7393768-3x2-940x627Being a cricket fan, i have never been an astonishing fan of football. Although i am very fond of watching the most beautiful game on the planet. After Cristiano Ronaldo‘s move to Spain, i have never been interested in Premier League prior to this season. I have been spoiled as a sports fan. I have seen/heard some of the greats at their Paramount. Tiger Woods, Viv Richards, Sachin Tendulkar, Roger Federer Pele, Major Dhyanchand. I have been a witness to all of their greatness but the last one. I have also seen some of the greatest teams: Manchester United, Jordan’s Bulls,The Westindies Cricket of 70s-80s, Indian hockey (pre- independence). I have also seen some of the underdogs: Abhinav Bindra, India at 1983 WC, Liverpool FC in 1990.
They talk about Manchester United, Real Madrid C.F. PSG, Juventus FC, FC Barcelona Santos but i must say I have never seen anything like the 2015-2016 Leicester City team. Some will say that this is hyperbolic and only two nights of glamour. But that is not the case, I am talking about the wholly transformed temperament and attitude of the club. For that i must not forget to mention the clubs manager Claudio Ranieri who took them to the the peak from the ground. Leicester City is the greatest underdog story in the history of sports.
It is a not-to-mention fact that every successful campaigners has a ragtag bunch of players that defys all the odds. Not many have been familiar with the name of Jamie Vardy before this season. But now he is a well known name in the football world, isn’t he? The story of Wardy’s rise as one of the brightest and most talented footballer is motivational one. In fact, i would suggest the directors & producers of Hollywood & Bollywood to make a story on his rise as a footballer. His story is just made for movies. In the case you’re unknown, i wanna make you aware that Wardy’s career was on concerning downfall, 2 years before Leicester City contracts with him. It was under Renieri that he got his foot right. He along with Mahrez Riyad established one of the most feared pair on football pitch.
There is Kasper Schmeichal the son of legendary Dutch and Manchester United keeper Peter Schmeichal . Much of the blame fell on the keeper’s shoulders. And he has created history by making 9 consecutive clean sheets this year. There are a number of underdogs in the team. Not to forgetDanny Drinkwater who was rejectet by his boyhood club Manchester United and now he finishes higher than MUN in points table. The players that no big club wanted is now doing the impossible.
There are successes and failure in one’s life. Some get more failures than they got successes. Such an incredible story is of Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri. He is the every man, one that has been beaten down amd humiliated. Yet he worked with the underdog to make them champion.
Let’s look at the story of underdog’s godfather.
Ranieri has managed at some of the biggest teams in the world: Chelsea Football Club, Valencia CFInter Milan, Juventus, AS Roma, AS AS MONACOyet despite all of his opportunities has never won a league title. 31 years as a manager, 0 league titles. In fact Ranieri has been the face of choking away his opportunities to finally secure a title. At Inter, Juventus, and Roma, Ranieri’s clubs held the lead late into the season, but choked their leads away. Many had blamed it on Ranieri’s propensity to change successful lineups. That was why he had been called the Tinkerman. Never mind the fact that he won the Copa Del Ray(Spanish cup) or the Coppa Italia(Italian cup) or that Chelsea’s recent core of players Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba, were all signed or discovered by Ranieri. No, Claudio was a joke and a failure in the mind of most. Just a journeyman manager that would toil away without winning a league championship.

But now they are no more #Underdogs. They are the champion of England defying all the odds including the Red devil Manchester United. I’m waiting the day Leicester City Football Club would won any international title such as UEFA Champions League, Copa Del Ray, Fifa Club World cup.